Canteras Cabeleiro Nogueria

Canteras Cabeleiro Nogueria

Canteras Cabeleiro Nogueria


CABALEIRO NOGUEIRA S.L. is a family business company with a long tradition in the extraction of natural granite blocks obtained from our own quarries located in Spain and the north of Portugal.

Present in the market for over more than 35 years, the company passed through different stages since its beginnings. Francisco Cabaleiro Nogueira, the company founder, started his activity in the granite business in the stonemasonry, working on products and materials such as bond stones, stonework, paving stone, post, etc., all of them highly demanded in the 60s and 70s.

In the 80s, the domestic and foreign demand for large granite blocks increased. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand, new quarries were acquired, along with the machinery and equipments necessary for its extraction.

Our granite varieties include the worldwide appreciated Rosa Porriño, the Gris Mondariz / Crema Julia and the exclusive Gran Perla, a variety as beautiful as it is solid whose only quarry in the world is of our property.

At Cabaleiro Nogueira S.L. our aim is to look after our customers in a very professional, personalized way, serving them in all their needs and requirements and providing them the best service with the help of our highly qualified and specialized team. Applying state-of-the-art machinery and technology to the extraction process, we supply top quality granite blocks according to any requirements concerning quality and delivery, to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction.

In the more than 35 years that we have been in the market, our commitment and hard-work philosophy, along with the excellent reputation that the company enjoys within the granite industry, have made possible to build long-term business relationships with customers all over the world that day after day place their trust in us.

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